In a permanent concern to improve our competences and to perfect ourselves, we train continuously in order to remain the best in our fields of expertise. 

Alexis Thambwe Mwamba

Alexis Thambwe-Mwamba has a degree in Political and Diplomatic Sciences from the Université Libre de Bruxelles and a master’s degree in Law and Sociology of Work from the same institution and a degree in Law from the University of Burundi.

 He started his career in the private sector in Zaire, working at the Société Minière et Industrielle de Kivu (Sominki), at the Compagnie Financière et Minière Belge (Cofimines) and at the Compagnie belge de Gestion Minière (Cogemin).

 In the public sector, he was Director General of the Customs and Assizes of Zaire, Director of the Commercial Bank of Zaire and of the Railway Company of Zaire.

 He was admitted to the Kinshasa Bar and sworn in 1992.

He then registered at the Brussels Bar to practice law in Belgium. However, he asked for his omission a few years later.

Passionate about politics, he was a member of the government for several years and held the position of Minister of Public Works, Portfolio, Transport and Communications, Planning, Foreign Affairs and Justice. He was also Ambassador Plenipotentiary of Zaire to Italy.

 His love for law never left him and in 2005, he created his own law firm Thambwe Mwamba & Associates which he has developed to this day.

 In 2013, he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy by the Chreso University of Lusaka in Zambia. And, he is also a Mining and Quarrying Agent. 

Liliane Mubanga Wetungani

Liliane Mubanga Wetungani graduated from the University of Lubumbashi in 1996.

Major:  Private and Judicial Law 

She returned to Kinshasa the capital of DRC, as soon as she got her degree and took the bar exam of Kinshasa-Gombe and was sworn in on February 17, 1998. 

 Seven years later, in 2005, she joined Thambwe Mwamba & Associates, which she manages to this day.

 To be at the forefront of her profession, she regularly updates herself through training courses for which she obtains qualifications: Certificate in Hydrocarbons, OHADA Certificate, Certificate in Public Procurement, Certificate in Insurance.

 In 2019, she got her Master’s Degree in International Commercial Law from Robert Kennedy College in Zurich in association with the University of Salford, Manchester.

Liliane Mubanga Wetungani has extensive practical experience in Private Law, Business and Corporate law, Real Estate Law, Mining and Hydrocarbon Law and Insurance Law. She is also a mining and quarrying agent. 

She was a member of the Bar Council of Kinshasa-Gombe from 2013 to 2016 and where she also served as treasurer from 2014 to 2016.

Blaise Lunda Masudi

Blaise Lunda Masudi graduated from the University of Kinshasa in 2000. Major: Private & Judicial Law

He sworn in as a lawyer on April 30, 2002, at the Bar of Kinshasa-Gombe.

He joined Thambwe Mwamba & Associates Law Firm in 2008.

He is an Arbitrator registered on the list of the National Center for Arbitration, Conciliation and Mediation (CENACOM).

Blaise Lunda has participated in several refresher training seminars for proceedings before the International Criminal Court and in Congo. 

He has extensive practical experience in Ohada Business Law, Contract Law, Criminal Law, and International Criminal Law.

He was president of the African Federation of Associations and Unions of Young Lawyers (FAUJA);

Currently, he is a member of the Bar Council in charge of the Studies, Publications and Continuing Education Commission.

Donitha Massani Alangi

Donitha Massani Alangi graduated from the Protestant University of Congo in November 2000. Major: Economic and Social Law,

She sworn in on June 4, 2003, and joined Thambwe Mwamba & Associates in 2005.

Passionate about her profession as a lawyer, she specializes in legal issues of Business law, contracts, labor and family.

She is a member of the Women’s Association and is involved in the fight against sexual violence.

She has to her credit several refresher courses on OHADA Business Law and Congolese Labor Law.

Camille Yuma Kamili

Camille Yuma Kamili got a Law Degree in Public Internal Law, from the University of Kinshasa in 2003 and was sworn in on July 29 of the same year.

In 2004, he became Co-Counsel at the International Criminal Court for Rwanda and Co-Counsel in Arusha, Tanzania from 2004 to 2007.

He joined Thambwe Mwamba & Associates in January 2013. 

He attended several legal trainings and seminars in England and in Congo, notably on Human Rights, OHADA Business Law and Criminal Law.

He obtained a certificate in Criminal Law from the Nuremberg Summer Academy for Professionals, organized by the International Academy of Nuremberg Principles in Nuremberg, Germany. He is a member of the Association “Union des Jeunes Avocats du Barreau de Kinshasa-Gombe” i.e., Union of Young Lawyers of the Bar of Kinshasa-Gombe.

Talos Emanonge Talokaso

Talos Emanonge Talokaso got a Law Degree in Private and Judicial Law, from the Department of Criminal Law and Criminology at the University of Kinshasa in 2003. He was retained as a lecturer.

He registered at the Bar of Kinshasa/Gombe and was sworn in on July 27, 2004.

He is interested in Labor Law, Banking Law and Criminal Business Law.

He joined Thambwe-Mwamba & Associates in January 2014.

He has attended several law training seminars in Congo and abroad, particularly in France.

He is a researcher and member of the Association “Union of Young Lawyers of the Bar of Kinshasa-Gombe”. 

He has a proven experience in the Congolese legal field.

Linda Bachunge Kambaza

Linda Bachunge Kambaza graduated from the Protestant University of Congo in 2014. Major: Economic and Social Law

She is a student in DES in Economic Law at the University of Kinshasa.

She was sworn in as a lawyer in 2015 and joined Thambwe-Mwamba & Associates in October 2018.

Throughout her career, she acquired proven experience in the field of Adoption Law and child protection acquired during her interventions for local and international organizations.

In addition, she has attended several trainings and seminars in the field of law, including: Global Governance, Leadership, Child Protection, International Law, OHADA Business Law.